Sunday, May 30, 2010


(L to R: Jason "Jase" Robertson, The Duck Commander himself---Phil Robertson & Willie Robertson, The Blackfords)

For Catholics, it's the Pope. Soccer fans, it's Ronaldo. And NASCAR, probably Richard Petty.

These are all modern day idols for their respective followers or fan base.

Well, for duck hunter (true duck hunters---not panty waisted "only hunt once or twice a year" knuckleheads) the modern day IDOL is none other than the Louisiana Duckmen lead by famous Phil Robertson. Phil and his sons Willie and Jase have evolved from the backwaters of West Monroe LA marsh to become a marketing force in the hunting world. Their no-nonsense TV show, hunting products & videos (in my opinion) depict the average trials, tribulations & successes of sleep deprivation, cold, water & mud throughout duck season........with a healthy dose of humor mixed in too. Check them out:

Saturday, Preston, Kate and I loaded up to attend the National Ducks Unlimited Convention and Outdoor Expo in Grapevine, TX. Every manufacturer of hunting products attended the show and at 3pm the line started to meet the Robertson Family. The kids eerily looked at the long bearded brethren of what looks like a shiftier version of ZZ Top until it was our turn. Snap! Photo with the Duckmen if Louisiana.

As Phil would say (as a group of mallards settle into the decoys), "cut 'em all Jack!"

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