Monday, May 17, 2010

Here Fishy Fishy!!!!

Figured I'd better keep up with my little bro and sister and update the old blog.

I know you'll all be shocked.......but I went fishing again! (I know......I hope you were sitting down)
Saturday----my 3 buddies Ron, Matt, Scott and I headed out for channel catfish. We caught 39 and probably drank as many Shiners......per fisherman. For those of you that own a boat, you know B.O.A.T. is actually an acronym. B reak O ut A nother T housand. This time it's a 4" crack in the boat.......real nice.....oh, and go ahead and add an electrical trim switch fuse.

Broken boat right in the middle of fishing season!!! Ugh!!!

Sunday----Kate and I got up early (4:30am) and drove to lake Texoma where we met Eric and Avery Thomas and our striper guide Roger. By noon we fileted 31 nice striped bass and the girls had a great time reconnecting. We even donned wetsuits and jumed in Lake Texoma. Brrrrrr!

This weekend.......Scott Cummings and David Daniel will visit Scott's Dad at Houston County Lake near Houston. Scott's Dad has a lakeside house with some great fishing. Stacey is the best because I almost have "fished out" myself this spring.
(Heading out to go fishing)

(Kate and Avery with 2 of our catch)

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