Thursday, December 3, 2009

"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!"

The GREATEST Christmas Movie Ever

Dateline: Wednesday, December 9 @ 9:00PM Central

TNT Network - Check your local cable or satellite provider

Yes, that's right! In under a week it begins........

My family has grown tired of my affinity for this movie but it NEVER gets old to me. TNT will air the movie next Wednesday, but beginning at 5PM Dec 24 the 24 hour loop of A Christmas Story.....a tradition that started in 1998 (or earlier). Sadly some of the main characters and the author recently passed away but their careers live on each Christmas.

If you haven't watched it from start to finiash, I dare you to try making it through the entire movie without laughing out loud.......and even better, it's a great kids movie when the rugrats won't settle down on Christmas Eve.

So here's to you Ralphie Parker and your "200 shot Range Model Red Ryder Carbine Action Air Rifle with a compass in the stock and a thing that tells time".

The infamous leg lamp

Ralphie: The Pink Nighmare, The deranged Easter Bunny

A slight breach of ettiqute. "The Triple Dog Dare You"

A Classic !!

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