Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Dateline: Frisco, TX & Frisco-Breckenridge, CO-----Feb 12, 2010

After a 3am wakeup The Thomas Family and Stacey and I flew out of a very snowy DFW airport and arrived at Denver International. 45 min and a cheap Chevy Impala later, we were west bound on I-70 headed for the front range of the Rockies. I love Denver......I'd live in Denver if it were next door to Captiva, FL! We arrived in Breckenridge, CO, checked in and were skiing by 11:45am. Think about it......skiing 8 hrs after being in Dallas. Stacey and I donned our new skis and we were off. It DUMPED snow (or if you are Mary Prosser---it POURED THE SNOW)....10" in 72 hrs.

Fast forward to the EMERGENCY ROOM 4 HOURS LATER!!!!

Yes, I did it. I forgot that I am not 18 and rather 37. I also forgot my new new skis are faster than I am! And finally, I forgot that altitude, alcohol and skiing are not a good combo.

In short, I had a few bewskis, did a faceplant and bruised my ribs and eye socket, and split my upper and lower lip trying to hot dog on new skis. My pride was injured severly but thankfully my helmet prevented anything serious from happening. And thankfully thru the miracle of Celebrex (thank you RN Sue Thomas), I was able to ski Sat, Sun & Monday. I have a lovely $75 x-ray of my bruised ribs.

Only about a week ago did the bruised ribs quit aching every time I sat up, moved, coughed, sneezed, laughed, etc etc......Damn they hurt!

So Friday, March 12 we (entire family) are headed back to Colorado.....and for me it will be to seek redemption!!! Hopefully no bruised or broken limbs, split lips or injured ego!

I'm looking forward to skiing with Stacey, Kate and Preston and covering some ground on the slopes of Breckenridge. Wish us luck.....and no ER copays!!!

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