Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who knew dimes tasted so good....

So while we were in the Bahamas Preston developed a love for money. Every night when we went to dinner, he would gather his "monies" (a few coins) so that he could pay for dinner. We thought it was cute how he wanted to pay and the waitress would kindly take his payment. So on Saturday when I was unpacking our bags and pulled out several coins I didn't think twice about him playing with the dime he took from me.

Look ahead about an hour and imagine a small boy up in his room trying to take a nap. I hear some crying, which is normal when he doesn't want to take a nap, but I appease him and go check any way. When I walk into his room he is saying, "I'm sorry Mommy that I put the money in my mouth!" Of course I start frantically running my hands all around his bed and under his pillows looking for the dime he was playing with earlier, but it is nowhere to be found. I reluctantly ask Preston if he swallowed the dime and he says in a whimper, "yes." Oh Lord, what to do now!

Expecting the worst we head off to the dr. to have pictures taken of the dime. It had already passed through his stomach and was in his intestines. So now we are on the lookout for that stinkin' dime (no pun intended).

Please see the lovely picture below of my crazy boys insides and the shiny dime just sitting there. ONLY BOYS! Kate would never have done this!

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