Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Captiva - Update 1

Our Nightly Routine: Watching the sunset on Captiva

Friday--Travel day. Got to Ft. Myers without incident, nailed BassPro for some last minute NEEDS for fishing. Had a nice dinner at Outback Steakhouse (one of the few chain restaturants that still care about quality) and checked into Sanibel Harbor Resort & Spa. I would recommend this resort. Built in the early 90's, still very nice.

Saturday - Took delivery of the rental boat while Stacey & the kids ate bkfast and waited to hear from Grandma & Grandpa who picked up Mary & Derek Prosser at 10am from D.C. We ate lunch at The Lighthouse Restaurant and shopped at Publix----racking up the ususal $1,100+++ on groceries. Our drive to Captiva and checkin to our house was easy and we were at the beach by 5pm. Mom made KILLER enchiladas and we swam in the pool.

Sunday-Dad & Derek golfed early at The Dunes seeing 3 alligators and a water moccasin---one gator was 10++ ft!!!!! I was ready to go try the 29' Wellcraft center console I rented so I loaded up and bought bait and headed thru Redfish pass trying a few casts for snook. After was comfortable running the boat, I ran out to a few spots I know. BAM!!!! First cast, red grouper, BOOM! Another and another and another......none were 20" legal but I was having fun. All of the sudden one of my rods started screaming so I dropped my grouper rod and after a brief fight I saw I had a nice kingfish who I lost right at the boat. I moved a few miles and repeated the grouper routine then headed to the beach at noon where we anchored and swam with the kids.

Monday---Derek, Dad & I met Capt. Larry Iacofano and his 1st mate and fished the ARC reef catching a MONSTER 30lb kingfish (Dad), 2 snappers and an amberjack (Derek), and I caught my first permit......helluva a fight. Dad's king was HUGE! A great day fishing and we smoked the kingfish----it was a great dinner


Tuesday-Derek, Dad & I bought bait, caught bait and headed offshore. After searching a few spots, we headed to the place I fished Sunday. As we were leaving to head back, I started reeling in our last rod and felt a small hit then a huge hit from this nice kingfish which we also smoked Tuesday night. We also loaded up the boat with everyone and headed to Cabbage Key for a great cheeseburger.

Wednesday---Dad and I fished with guide Capt. Nelso Diaz and broke off a dozen or more snook, jumped a baby tarpon, landed a dozen ladyfish, and landed 2 huge snook.

More to come later!


  1. Great update! I bet that is some great eating! I love Preston's Summer cut, I have the same do.

  2. Looks like you all had a blast fishing!